The field of company’s activity: company MEGABITPAY operates in banking activity, financial activity, lending activity and also we work to manage and decrease the problem loan portfolio that was loaned to small and medium sized companies. In other words, the annual income of the company could amount to several billions of dollars. Thus, by involving private investments, company’s reach has been extended and entered to new financial markets in different countries.
  • Investment
    in securities

    We strongly support this new direction. This direction works like others but here we have a short-term profit and it leads to high current financial liquidity and to positive financial result.
  • Microfinance

    We invest into large companies providing credit for individuals and small enterprises. And this direction is a very big sector of our economy.
  • Commercial loans to
    large development project

    This is one of the most important areas for us, which we plan to develop in the future. We invest into large-scale construction project.
  • Microfinance organizations

    Not relying on our partners, we diversify a certain percentage of the funds into own network of microfinance organizations working in different countries with our franchise.
  • Redemption of leasing liabilities
    with the subsequent sale

    This direction works like a previous one. But here we buy lessor’s liabilities, and obtain the right to dictate our terms. In short, we sale all movables and real estate at a market price.
  • Group lending for
    large borrowers

    This direction allows us to disburse short-term loans to our investors without any risks.
  • Redemption of problem
    credits in company portfolio

    We buy problem credits from banks for 10-20% of their original value and finally we get the total revenue in 3-4 times more than my initial investment. Without a doubt, this direction is one of the most promising and profitable!
  • Professional assistance
    with debt recovering

    Our company has a Professional legal assistance which works with debt obligations. We are ready to offer assistance to the companies for a percentage of the recovered sum.
One of the most profitable direction in our company is a redemption of debt or problem credit from major organisations. Let’s see this direction in detail.

In the present case the first question is about assignment of legal claims (entered into cession agreements).

MEGABITPAY is engaged the debt collection with small and medium companies. We also provide legal services in different companies.
That is our common challenge? Why do we attract private funding?

Debt will become private if you haven't produced monthly payments for long time. Accordingly, when a loan is not collectable, it is written off against the related allowance for impairment.

However, in order to minimize losses, the Bank decides to sell the debt to a third party, which deals with the return of debts for 10-20% of its real value. This organization is MEGABITPAY.
NOTE: we don’t work with individuals. There are several reasons:

We understand that any anyone can get into a difficult situation and it will be difficult to pay the debt.

the Bank enters into a contract with the legal entity on pledge of property rights on monetary funds saved at accounts in the Bank, which is entitled in case of default by the borrower obligations under the credit agreement to recover funds from his account to repay this debt.

Do we work only with banks? The answer is NO. We work on the indisputable collection of tax arrears, and debts of one company over the other companies.

Moreover, our experts make detailed analysis of every distressed asset. Such approach allows essentially lowering eventual risks of the Company. This is the basis for deciding.
The majority of all collection proceedings concern a situation where creditor has carried out work for debtor. Subsequently, creditor forwards his invoice to debtor indicating a time of payment which debtor does not observe.

In relation to the wording of reminders, creditor shall pay attention to the provisions of the Law on Interest regarding reminder fees and collection charges.

Our collection lawyers have years of experience in advising and taking legal action in the field of collection. The lawyers from MEGABITPAY specialize in setting up tailored collection pathways. Among other things, the choice of the best route to take depends on the amount of the claim, the type of debtor and the client’s wishes.

Everything is much easier with leasing contracts. We buy lessor’s liabilities and sell all property at a market price.

Thus, MEGABITPAY leads this direction in multi-threaded mode and constantly increases assets.